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Editor's Note

Thankfully, the number of women represented in the arts is slowly climbing. But, from the dismal statistics of women receiving due representation in the upper echelons of art, it's clear we still have a long slog before women are treated as equal to men in terms of veneration for their creative genius. And until that equality is reached, Artis Online believes in creating supportive, collaborative environments for women to easily showcase their work, without fear of being bullied away from pursuing their talents and dreams.

San Francisco's Top 10 Views To Go With A Cocktail

There is no denying San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Whether it's the slopping Victorian houses or bay views, city-goers are treated to visual imagery unlike any other. To really capture the breathtaking views, there is no better way than to visit one of these 10 bars below, and enjoy them with a drink in your hand. A jewel perched atop one of the most renowned urban hills in the world, Top of the Mark is the quintessential cocktail lounge with a view, complete...